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This website provides direct access to World Trade Press online databases designed for middle- and high-schools.

World Trade Press develops and maintains a wide range of large-scale digital media products, especially in the area of country and world city information. Main topic areas include culture, travel, business, trade, cartography, and foreign language learning.

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General Information

  1. Subscriptions and licenses to World Trade Press products are available to schools, libraries, businesses, NGOs, government agencies, and other organizations. Some of our products are available on an individual subscription basis.
  2. Subscriptions are for a minimum one-year term with automatic renewal. We automatically bill for each subsequent year. You may, however, cancel without penalty at any time after the initial one-year term.
  3. Substantial discounts are offered to organizations that subscribe to multiple products.
  4. Organizational subscriptions are offered on a flat rate basis. We wish to promote usage within your organization by NOT charging on a per click or usage basis.
  5. Subscriptions grant access to members of your organization for their personal use (students, teachers, librarians, library patrons, etc.). Redistribution or resale of the content is not permitted.

Sales: Academic and Public Libraries (APL)

Adam Weis
APL Sales Manager
Tel: [1] 800-833-8586 x201 (toll-free, US only)
Tel: [1] 707-774-7401 (direct)

Alex Gardner
Sales Representative
Tel: [1] 800-833-8586 x209 (toll-free, US only)
Tel: [1] 707-774-7409 (direct)

Simon Illg
Sales Representative
Tel: [1] 800-833-8586 x232 (toll-free, US only)
Tel: [1] 707-774-7432 (direct)

Colin Robertson
Sales Representative
Tel: [1] 800-833-8586 x218 (toll-free, US only)
Tel: [1] 707-774-7418 (direct)